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June 27, 2018
Michigan Prevailing Wage Repeal

Michigan Prevailing Wage Repeal an Attack on All Construction Workers

The Michigan legislature escalated its war on working families earlier this month, when it repealed the state’s prevailing wage law. This follows its passage of “right to work for less” legislation in 2012 as another blow to the living standards of all Michigan workers.

Latest News

July 16, 2018
The Union Advantage

New Study Adds Evidence to Union Advantage

It’s long been known that union members earn higher wages and better benefits than non-union workers. Now, a new study quantifies just how much better it is to be empowered by collective bargaining.

President's Message

January 16, 2018

Members Make the Union

Unions demonstrate the power of collective action. When workers join together, they gain the clout to get better wages and benefits, safe workplaces, world-class training and improved working conditions.

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Anti-union laws can put your life at risk. A new study reveals that “right to work” laws have led to a 14.2% increase in occupational mortality through decreased unionization. #1u https://t.co/8SqFa8NjMi

“An essential component of high-road development is collaboration with labor unions. Many high-road developments start with project labor agreements. ... When more workers are unionized, income inequality tends to be reduced.” #1u https://t.co/hSYDVsV93Z

“Michigan’s [prevailing wage repeal] is [not] part of a homegrown grassroots movement ... It is a coordinated effort, funded by billionaires bent on rigging public bidding in favor of less qualified contractors and low-skilled ...” #prevailingwage https://t.co/ixRGmNUN2M

“Numerous studies find that prevailing wage laws protect the standard of living of construction workers, reduce poverty, improve workplace safety, promote a skilled workforce by incentivizing apprenticeship programs, and stimulate the economy ...” #1u https://t.co/YR9AJ8MNTq

“What is at stake is whether American democracy can overcome the new Gilded Age of inequality and insecurity. The justices, meanwhile, are part of the problem: In Janus... they have retrenched on the side of private power and budgetary austerity.” #janus https://t.co/6yEfNDi2N4

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