In Modesto California on January 21 2004, came a bright and determined young lady. My name is Gisel Noemi Garcia. Ever since the day I was born my mother knew that I was going to be a very strong, independent, and special woman. She was right. As a little girl, I always strove to do more. I wanted to do everything by myself with the assistance of no one, even if it meant learning the hard way. I quickly became eager to learn and succeed in every aspect of life. When I started school, I grew to have a passion for it. I loved being social, meeting new people, and most importantly learning new things. I quickly surpassed the average reading level and learned that my strengths would be English and writing, while my most disliked and difficult subject was math. Growing up I always had a love for talking, so much so that it was the only thing I ever got called out for in class.

To this day I enjoy engaging in conversations with my peers, mentors, and teachers. I find anything from food to politics a great conversation starter and it’s my way of portraying my personality. Throughout my many extracurricular and in-classroom experiences, I have always strived to lead. I am a leader at heart, I take pride and joy in leading others from anything such as in-class projects, to making posters to public presentations. Within my academic career, I will be attending Sacramento State in the fall and am striving to obtain a degree in Health Sciences. I hope to achieve greatness and accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself.

I am extremely thankful for being selected to receive this scholarship.