My name is Jacob Gasienica. My father, Janusz Gasienica, has been a member of Local Union 502, since 1996. My father moved here from Poland when he was 16 years old and becoming a member of the union played a large part in improving his life and the life he provided for me.

I am currently going into my senior year at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At UIC, I am studying bioengineering on a pre-medicine track. Bioengineering has given me a curriculum through which I have been able to learn about the math, physics, and biology behind the medical devices which fascinated me growing up. It has also given me opportunities to gain experience in doctors’ clinics before attending medical school.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I have been heavily involved in student leadership positions as well as in research. I currently work at Rush University Medical Center in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, where I work on research projects concerning motion and imaging biomechanics. I am also an avid volunteer at a local hospital and like to run in my free time.

I am currently interested in pursuing a practice in orthopedic surgery as that is where most of my research work lies; however, I am excited to see a range of specialties in medical school and find out what other fields might interest me the most.