Kevin Sexton Appointed General Secretary-Treasurer

General President Stepano administers the oath of office to new Secretary Treasurer Kevin Sexton, new General Executive Board members Rob Mason and Mike Hubler, new Vice-Presidents Joel Santos and Chester Murphy, and new International Representative Deven Johnson.

Mason, Hubler Join General Executive Board

Santos, Murphy Named Vice Presidents

Kevin Sexton of Local 518 was recently sworn in as OPCMIA General Secretary-Treasurer, replacing Roger Bettermann, who retired.

In addition, Rob Mason of Local 600 and Mike Hubler of Local 592 joined the General Executive Board, Joel Santos of Local 514 and Chester Murphy of Local 66 were named Vice Presidents, and Deven Johnson of Local 72 was appointed International Representative. Vice-President Mike Moylan joined GST Bettermann in announcing his retirement.

“I want to thank Brothers Bettermann and Moylan for their outstanding service to our great union,” said OPCMIA General President Daniel Stepano. “It has been a privilege to work with them and they have left a great legacy for our members. I wish them nothing but the best in their well-earned retirements.

“We are fortunate to have an enormous reservoir of talent in the OPCMIA,” Stepano said. “Brother Sexton is ready to hit the ground running and will be a great partner as we continue to strengthen our union from top to bottom. Brothers Mason, Hubler, Santos, Murphy and Johnson are also great advocates in empowering and serving our members. We have a great team in place and we’re going to fight more effectively than ever to increase our members’ hours and job opportunities, expand our market share, organize new members, and keep strengthening our world class apprenticeship, training and safety programs.”

General Secretary-Treasurer Sexton joined Local 518’s apprenticeship program in August 1985 and soon became a journeyman. He was elected to Local 518’s Executive Board in 1993 and was elected President three years later. He also served as Business Agent and Business Manager. During his 22 years of leadership in his Local, he oversaw the mergers of Local 17, Local 44, Local 411, Local 809 and Local 908’s areas of Southwest Missouri and South-Central into Local 518, strengthening its power and reach on behalf of its members.

Brother Sexton was appointed an International Deputy Representative in 2002. He was later elected Vice President and then President of the Kansas City Building Trades. And he was elected Treasurer of the Missouri State Building Trades in 2011.

The Late General President Patrick Finley appointed him to serve on the International Finance Committee in 2011 and hired him as an International Representative in 2015.

In April 2016, Brother Sexton was appointed Vice President by General President Dan Stepano and he joined the General Executive Board in February 2017. General President Stepano also named him Assistant to the General President with responsibilities for the Western United States.

Brother Sexton is married to Angela Sexton and together they have seven children, seven grandsons and one granddaughter. They are proud to have shepherded one son and two son in-laws into this trade.