Aloha! I am Louie Bala Jr., son of Louie Bala. My father has been working in Local 630 for 28 years. I am majoring in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii: Manoa. With a strong GPA of 3.88, I’m currently a Senior graduating this Fall semester. In high school, I completed Spanish 4 and earned 12 college back-credits towards the 2nd language requirement. I also took 14 summer credits, allowing me to graduate one semester earlier than expected. These achievements demonstrate my commitment to learning and drive for success.

I’m honored to be chosen as a recipient of the prestigious OPCMIA Patrick D. Finley Scholarship Award the OPCMIA. This generous opportunity will greatly enhance my academic journey and pave the way for a bright future.

Mahalo for recognizing my potential, your support means the world to me as I pursue my dreams in the field of computer science.