The Member2Member (M2M) Funds offer opportunities for our International Association to pursue creative ways to use International Working Dues to provide new benefits for our members and to grow our organization.

Maternity Leave Benefit

The OPCMIA recognizes the importance of increasing the opportunities for women to not only enter the Plastering, Cement Masonry and Shop Hand trades, but build long-lasting careers that enable them to provide better for themselves and their families. Thus, the International Association has established a Maternity Leave Program that will provide a paid benefit to eligible members associated with the birth of the member’s own child on or after January 1, 2023.

Organizing Incentive Program

Every officer, agent, and representative of the OPCMIA has a duty to organize the unorganized in the Plastering, Cement Masonry and Shop Hand trades. Yet, they constitute a small fraction of our overall membership. The Organizing Incentive Program provides eligible rank-and-file members with the opportunity to receive an incentive for each unrepresented Cement Mason, Plasterer or Shop Hand that becomes an OPCMIA member and works at least six months for signatory employers.