OPCMIA Applauds Enactment of the Bipartisan CHIPS Act

On behalf of the OPCMIA’s nearly 50,000 members, I want to applaud the 64 U.S. senators and 243 U.S. representatives who voted to enact the bipartisan CHIPS Act, which will create thousands of good-paying jobs for Americans, fight inflation, and bolster our nation’s manufacturing and research and development capabilities.

When President Biden signs this vitally important bill — a pillar of his strategy to strengthen our economy and our national security — America will be stronger and more competitive.

For too long, our nation has underinvested in both the development and manufacturing of critical technologies like semiconductors, forcing us to rely on authoritarian countries like China that exploit and abuse their workers, and leading to the supply chain disruptions we saw in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The CHIPS Act will rectify these problems and give us a leg up on China. Importantly, the bill guarantees that companies receiving taxpayer dollars invest it in America and that union members will be the ones to build the new manufacturing plants that result.

The bottom line is that the CHIPS Act is good for OPCMIA members, as well as for all American workers. I congratulate President Biden and all the bill’s supporters for making it the law of the land.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President