OPCMIA Applauds House Passage of PRO Act

Urges Swift Senate Action

Late yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives empowered American workers to improve their lives by passing the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act by a bipartisan vote of 225-206.

This bold, historic step would enact the most profound law labor reforms in nearly a century. It would restore to workers the right to organize and engage in collective bargaining to improve their living standards and working conditions, and gain a voice in the workplace. It would end the egregious management abuses that have denied workers these rights and, at long last, create a level playing field for the majority of workers who want union representation.

Specifically, the PRO Act will:

  • Deter and punish management violations of workers’ rights, making modern-day union-busting too costly to continue through penalties with real teeth.
  • Strengthen workers’ right to join together and bargain for better working conditions by expediting the process of gaining a first contract, banning mandatory meetings where employers spread anti-union lies, and overturning “right to work for less” laws.
  • Restore fairness to an economy that is rigged against workers by closing loopholes in federal labor laws and increasing transparency in labor-management relations.

The OPCMIA urges the Senate to follow suit, swiftly pass the PRO Act and send it to the White House for President Biden’s signature. And if the bill is filibustered, the Senate must enact filibuster reforms to prevent a minority from holding workers’ rights hostage and denying the will of the people. We urge all of our members to call their senators today and tell them to pass the PRO Act immediately and end or reform the filibuster if needed to do so. We must not let this historic opportunity for economic justice be denied by an extremist minority.