OPCMIA Praises Biden Administration Prevailing Wage Rule

OPCMIA Statuette

On behalf of the OPCMIA’s nearly 50,000 members, I want to express my gratitude to the Biden-Harris Administration for updating and strengthening the prevailing wage law and restoring it to its original intent. This will mean more work and more money in the pockets of our members and our brothers and sisters throughout the building trades.

This move once again demonstrates that President Biden is the most pro-worker president in my lifetime. His bipartisan infrastructure law invested record amounts in rebuilding our roads and bridges, dams and airports, and other facilities, creating thousands upon thousands of work hours for OPCMIA members. His prevailing wage rule ensures that this unprecedented investment will result in higher pay and better benefits for all workers on infrastructure projects, as well as other federal investments in semiconductors and clean energy. This is a win-win for our members and for all construction workers, both union and non-union.

It’s long past time the federal government did its part to create good jobs that lead to rising living standards and a growing middle class in America. The Biden-Harris Administration is delivering and we enthusiastically support the new prevailing wage rule.

Kevin Sexton
General President