OPCMIA Statuette

On behalf of the nearly 50,000 members of the OPCMIA, I want to wish our brothers and sisters who have served in the armed forces of the United States and Canada—and those whose loved ones have served—a great Veterans Day holiday.

Today—and every day—we honor their heroism, salute their sacrifice, and pay tribute to their courage in keeping our nations free and safe.

The very same culture of hard work, teamwork, dedication, and camaraderie that comes from military service is also ideally suited to our crafts and our union. The combination of physical strength, intense focus, following orders, problem-solving, and leaving no one behind that’s required for success on the battlefield are exactly what it takes to be an outstanding plasterer, shop hand, and cement mason.

That’s why the OPCMIA recruits veterans for our world-class apprenticeship programs and why we enthusiastically participate in Helmets to Hardhats and other efforts that help our veterans transition to productive, rewarding civilian lives.

That’s also why the OPCMIA advocates for a stronger Veterans Administration in the U.S., and other government programs that support our returning heroes.

We will always be in debt to our veterans. And we will always do everything in our power to support them.

Kevin Sexton
General President