Sheri Keller
Sheri Keller

Cement Mason – Local 528, Seattle, Retired

Sheri Keller has been a Cement Mason for 33 years and joined when she was 20 years old to work for her fathers’ company in August of 1982. Sheri was the second woman to join Local 528, Seattle.

Sheri found that she had natural leadership skills and was soon in a Foreman position with Mortenson after 9 years in the field. Sheri ran work consistently while in the field and gained the respect of her Brothers, Sisters and Management.

She has received a 2-year Safety Award while working for Mortenson. She served 1-year on the Union’s Executive Board and she consistently volunteers to help at the Apprenticeship.

After working in the field for 28 years, Sheri suffered a brain trauma and was forced into early retirement. She remains involved with the Union by supporting the Apprenticeship, attending events and union meetings and volunteering her time in whatever capacity she can.