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June 9, 2020
Danielle Green

Danielle Green

Danielle Green has been a member of Local 528 since April of 2000. Her Cement Mason brother, Richard Gregoire, was the motivator to join. During these hard times, she was trying to raise her 3 children while struggling to earn a living. She started with Larusso Concrete and then spent the next 10 years, on and off, with Mid-Mountain Contractors.
January 24, 2020
Marilyn Kennedy

Marilyn Kennedy

After working for 12 years at different retail jobs, my good friend asked me if I'd like to come work for them at their small business.  I didn't really know what her husband did for a living but I was adamant about changing professions.  In 1995, I started my Apprenticeship making more than I had been making in retail.  As my wages increased, I became financially independent and was able to raise my 2 children on my own terms.  After being a Union member for about 6 years, I decided that I was going to attend my union meetings on a regular basis.  Within 6 months, the Business Manager was having me fill in for the Recording Secretary and I was eventually appointed to the position.  I have held the position for 17 years, running unopposed for each term.  Holding this position helped prepare me for my interview for my current Business Agent position.
December 16, 2019
Alise Martiny

Alise Martiny

Alise Martiny has worked in the construction industry for over thirty-seven years. She began her endeavors after hearing a radio advertisement recruiting minorities and females into the construction industry. She applied for a pre-apprenticeship program. After completing the 3 months of training she was accepted into the Kansas City Cement Masons’ Apprenticeship Program that same year. She successfully completed her apprenticeship and has worked as a journeyperson on hundreds of jobsites. Alise completed an Associate of Arts in Labor Studies from Ivy Tech in Indianapolis, in 2012.
The proud women of OPCMIA have a steel edge, and they are among the best, toughest, most skilled craftspeople anywhere in the world.

General President Daniel E. Stepano

Steel Edge Women of the OPCMIA

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    What to Do if You’re Expecting

    If you’re a Steel-Edge Woman and you become pregnant, there are a number of questions you may have about your rights on the job and the need to protect your health. The answers will vary, depending on the terms of your collective bargaining agreement, your specific craft, and applicable state and local laws. But here is a broad guide to help connect you with resources and information we hope you will find useful, with special thanks to OPCMIA Steel-Edge Women Chair Kilah Engelke, Business Agent for Local 599 Area 558. Kilah just gave birth to her first child, Marleigh Jade. Congratulations!

    Please know that the OPCMIA and your Local Union stand ready to help if you encounter any problems. We have got your back!



    If you are pregnant or raising a newborn child and have further questions about your rights and protections, please contact your Local’s Business Manager. The OPCMIA is a family-friendly union and you have a right to a career that allows you to work in our crafts while raising your family.

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