Veronica Godinez
Veronica Godinez

Cement Mason – Northern California, Local 400

My Grandfather learned the trade and my Grandmother got the Contractor’s license. They were a small outfit where I began as their driver, labor, and finisher during weekends and summers. Watching my Grandparents was inspiring because I felt that I could do what they did. It was hard work and even more so because I was the owner’s granddaughter. After my Grandparents retired and trying the college thing, I joined the Union.

In November 1999, I began my apprenticeship. With the previous experience and the contractor’s observation, I graduated in February 2002. During my apprenticeship, Art Moffit approached me about becoming an instructor and by March 2002 I was assisting in the training of our members’ future. Still working full time in the field, I managed to get a position in 2011 with DPR Construction as a Safety Coordinator and later a Safety Manager. That opportunity was obtained only because of the different certifications I received through the Apprenticeship Training Center.

Going to the Union meeting got me a position as a Trustee and currently I am serving as a Recording Secretary.

In 2018, after learning that Mark Gonzalez would be retiring and there would be an opening, I applied. In June I became the Director for Northern California JAT.

My quest for a college degree is still an ongoing thing.