OPCMIA Salutes Proud Veteran Member Henry Wheeler

Henry Wheeler was born in Australia and fought valiantly for his country’s infantry as a Sergeant during World War II, but by any measure, he is a true American hero — and a proud 60 Year Gold Card Member of the OPCMIA.

From 1939 to 1945, Henry fought the Italians in North Africa, the Germans in Greece and Crete, the Vichy French in Lebanon and Syria, and the Japanese in Papua New Guinea and Borneo. Over the course of six brutal years, he was involved in every theater of war on the side of the Allies and played a courageous role in keeping the world free from tyranny.

In 1955, Henry emigrated to the United States and joined OPCMIA Local 627, where he served as President from 1961 to 1965. He worked as a cement mason for 20 years. His Local later merged into Local 600.

Henry is now retired in Colorado, where he was chosen to serve as Grand Marshal in his town’s most recent Veterans Day Parade, a great honor.

Henry Wheeler’s bravery and sacrifice embody the best of the OPCMIA and our tradition of patriotism. We salute this great American hero!