National Actions


Let’s Pass the Critically Needed Infrastructure Bill!

Help us urge the House of Representatives to pass the largest infrastructure bill in our history. We are almost across the finish line be a part of something truly great to effect labor in a 100 years.
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Pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act 2021

This bill will strengthen organized labor across the board. Our allies in the House of Representatives have done their part and now it is time to target the Senate and make it known this act is a win for all working-class Americans.
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Pass the Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act of 2021

We need your help to save pensions in America. Pensions are what hard-working Americans worked their lives to secure.
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Expand Our Apprenticeship Programs

We need your help to get congress to notice a bill that can greatly benefit all of labor in America.
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Local Actions


Protecting EIFS in New York City

New York City Councilors have a proposed code that can sink EIFS in their city. We need to stop it and together save countless jobs. Send a letter now!
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Stop Washington Senate Bill 5149

Local 528 needs your help to urge your State Senators to stop a detrimental piece of legislation pertaining to our healthcare fund. This bill will raise the monetary rate of contributions made on behalf of our Medicaid recipients to the Foundational Public Health Service.
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Build with Strength in Massachusetts

Bills were recently introduced in Massachusetts that would allow us to build with better and stronger materials ensuring the safety and integrity of future construction projects. We need your support to help pass these bills!
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