National Actions

USPS Delivery Trucks

Time for Postmaster Dejoy to do His Job

We need your help to show Postmaster Dejoy that the recent operational changes have been detrimental to the American people.
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Time to Pass an Infrastructure Bill (Moving Forward Act)

This bill is a multi-faceted approach to investing over a trillion dollars into the infrastructure of The United States.
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Help Pass the HEROES Act

We need your help in the fight to support our workers in these troubling times. The The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act will help benefit workers in every industry and give the necessary support that is so crucially needed.
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Protect Our Healthcare

COVID-19 has shutdown many work projects and put thousands of American workers out of a job. This has directly caused healthcare funds to be put in jeopardy. You must take action now to protect your healthcare.
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Protect Your Pension

Since the spread of COVID-19 there has been a drastic downturn in the economy and society as a whole and it’s doing significant damage to your retirement. Take action now to protect your pension.
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Protect Our Right to Organize

The “Protecting the Right to Organize Act” contains provisions that will strengthen the union election process, weaken the deceptively named “right to work” laws and promote accountability by allowing the National Labor Relations Board to fine employers who violate the law.
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Save Our Apprenticeship Programs

Executive Order 13801 is one of the latest attempts to destabilize and discredit unions by undermining their well established apprenticeship programs. An influx of inexperienced workers will plague the construction trades.
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Local Actions


Repeal “Right-to-Work” in Virginia

This misleadingly named law does not guarantee the right to work to anyone. Instead, it prohibits a union and an employer from negotiating and/or enforcing an arrangement by which each employee pays his or her fair share of the costs of union representation.
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