Congratulations to Local 528’s Rebekah Lyons!

Rebekah Lyons, a proud member of OPCMIA Local 528 in Washington State, was named a winner of the December Tradeswomen Heroes Award by North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU).

Following in the footsteps of OPCMIA Steel Edge Women Chair Kilah Engelke, who won the first NABTU Tradeswomen Heroes Award, Rebekah has worked as Cement Mason Apprentice for the past year and has quickly become a valued practitioner of her craft and sister to her fellow OPCMIA members.

Rebekah showed great fortitude and perseverance to overcome enormous obstacles and reach her position today. She was placed in foster care at age three when both her parents went to prison. After enduring abuse in the foster care system, she ran away as a teenager and turned to gang activity. After serving time in jail, Rebekah was determined never to return. From work release, she joined Local 528. She has been employed by one single contractor ever since, and has proved to be dependable and eager to learn. She stepped forward to be one of the workers who continued to work through the initial COVID-19 shutdown. She feels a sense of family and friendship there and because of her great attitude, the Journeypeople are eager to teach her the trade.

“Rebekah has overcome some tough circumstances she experienced early in her life,” NABTU noted in announcing her award. “Rebekah is 29 years old and has said she feels like an adult for the first time. Her life is headed in the right direction and she is grateful for the opportunities she continues to have as a Cement Mason. She is well liked by her co-workers and she’s earning wages that give her financial independence.”

Congratulations Rebekah!

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