General President Stepano Unveils Cutting Edge VR Training to NFCA Conference

The OPCMIA has pioneered groundbreaking, state-of-the-art virtual reality fireproofing training that can be provided at any location in a safe, cost-efficient and highly effective way — and General President Daniel E. Stepano recently demonstrated it in a video address to the National Fireproofing Contractors Association (NFCA).

General President Stepano noted, “Like me, those of us who sprayed fireproofing received little or no training before we showed up on a job, were handled a nozzle and told, ‘go get it kid.’

“But now we’ve developed the first and, I believe, the only virtual reality fireproofing virtual reality training platform,” he said. “Our virtual world mimics a real fireproofing environment.

“This technology allows us to put a virtual fireproofing gun in any applicator’s hands,” General President Stepano explained. “They can learn how to work with the hose at their feet. They can experience working with the hose on a scaffold, and spraying on a cantilevered scaffold over the edge of a building or even in an elevator shaft. They can experience spraying material on all sorts of structural components, from beams to columns to decking. They can begin the process of learning proper spraying techniques before ever setting foot on a job, without mixing a single bag of material and most importantly, without risking anyone’s safety.

“We’re also using this tool to attract the next generation of workers,” he added. “It’s very helpful in attracting young people to our crafts.”

Watch the video to learn more.