Marilyn Kennedy
Marilyn Kennedy

Cement Mason – Seattle, Local 528

After working for 12 years at different retail jobs, my good friend asked me if I’d like to come work for them at their small business.  I didn’t really know what her husband did for a living but I was adamant about changing professions.  In 1995, I started my Apprenticeship making more than I had been making in retail.  As my wages increased, I became financially independent and was able to raise my 2 children on my own terms.  After being a Union member for about 6 years, I decided that I was going to attend my union meetings on a regular basis.  Within 6 months, the Business Manager was having me fill in for the Recording Secretary and I was eventually appointed to the position.  I have held the position for 17 years, running unopposed for each term.  Holding this position helped prepare me for my interview for my current Business Agent position.

In the field, I spent the last 13 years at the Conco Company and was a Foreman there for the last 10.  I have been the President of my HOA for the last 13 years, and active on that Board for 17 years.  My daughter is a Journeyman Cement Mason and my son is a vertical Foreman Carpenter.

I am passionate about introducing our craft and this opportunity to young people, particularly women.  I actively solicit women coming out of incarceration and I participate in the trade shows that are targeted toward women.  I was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 by the Washington Women in Trades organization.  (I am clearly much too young for such an award!!)

Helping to create a space for women at the International level would be a satisfying career achievement!