Vote 18 Midterm Elections

The 2018 mid-term elections will determine control of the U.S. House and Senate, 36 governorships, control of most state legislatures, and many county and municipal offices.

The outcome of these elections will directly affect OPCMIA members’ lives. Will jobs be created with new infrastructure investments? Will prevailing wage laws be strengthened or repealed? Will more “right to work for less” laws be passed to cripple the power of unions to fight for working families? Will safety and health regulations — and workers’ basic rights — be improved or undermined? Will federal, state and local policies serve your interests or those of billionaires and big business?

Your vote will help determine the answers to these questions — not only in the November 6th general election, but in your states’ primaries, too. Because the first step to electing public officials who are on our side is to make sure they win their primaries and appear on the general election ballot.

It’s especially important to pay attention to state and local races, as well as Congress, because that’s where key decisions about road and bridge construction and repair — and large development projects — are usually made.

To get more information on the candidates in your area and where they stand on the issues you care about, please contact your Local Union.

Here are the dates for upcoming state primaries, courtesy of the National Conference of State Legislatures. (Note that some states provide for runoffs if no candidate receives 50 percent of the vote.) Please vote and make your voice heard!

Indiana May 8
North Carolina May 8
Ohio May 8
West Virginia May 8
Idaho May 15
Nebraska May 15
Oregon May 15
Pennsylvania May 15
Texas Runoffs May 22
Arkansas May 22 | June 19 Runoff
Georgia May 22 | July 24 Runoff
Kentucky May 22
Alabama June 5 | July 17 Runoff
California June 5
Iowa June 5
Mississippi June 5 | June 26 Runoff
Montana June 5
New Jersey June 5
New Mexico June 5
Oklahoma June 26 | Aug. 28 Runoff
South Dakota June 5
Colorado June 26
Maine June 12
Nevada June 12
North Dakota June 12
South Carolina June 12 | June 26 Runoff
Virginia June 12
Maryland June 26
Utah June 26
Tennessee Aug. 2 (Thursday)
Kansas Aug. 7
Michigan Aug. 7
Missouri Aug. 7
Washington Aug. 7
Hawaii Aug. 11 (Saturday)
Connecticut Aug. 14
Minnesota Aug. 14
Vermont Aug. 14
Wisconsin Aug. 14
Alaska Aug. 21
Wyoming Aug. 21
Arizona Aug. 28
Florida Aug. 28
Massachusetts Sept. 4
Delaware Sept. 6
New Hampshire Sept. 11
New York Sept. 13
Rhode Island Sept. 12 (Wednesday)
Louisiana Nov. 6 | Dec. 8*

*Louisiana holds its primary for all parties on the same day the rest of the country holds the general election. If needed, a runoff is held in December.