OPCMIA Launches Organizing Incentive Program

To further invigorate the OPCMIA’s organizing efforts and spearhead even greater growth, I am proud to announce that the General Executive Board has established an Organizing Incentive Program through the Member2Member (M2M) Funds. It takes effect on June 1, 2023.

Under the Organizing Incentive Program, any member who brings an unrepresented employee into the OPCMIA will receive $100. If you recruit a second unrepresented employee, you will receive another $200. And if you bring in a third unrepresented employee, you will receive another $300. There is a cap of $600 annually per member. In order for the incentive to be paid, the unrepresented employee must become an OPCMIA member in good standing and work for a signatory employer for at least six months.

Please note that full-time, paid officers and employees of the OPCMIA, State and Provincial Conferences, District Councils and Local Unions are ineligible for the program, since organizing is a key part of their job responsibilities. Similarly, members who serve as full-time paid administrators, employees, directors and trustees of related organizations, including trust funds, are also ineligible. The Organizing Incentive Program is solely for OPCMIA rank-and-file members working in our crafts.

The fact is this: OPCMIA members are our most powerful, persuasive, effective organizers. The more members who seek to organize unrepresented plasterers, cement masons and shop hands across the U.S. and Canada, the faster our market share will grow, the stronger our union will be, and the more work opportunities our members will have.

The Organizing Incentive Program is designed to be a catalyst for member-driven organizing and is another way the OPCMIA’s M2M Funds benefit our members.

To learn more and to participate in the Organizing Incentive Program, please click here.

Kevin D. Sexton
General President