General President Daniel Stepano

Every July 4th — but this one in particular — is a time of gratitude for the values of democracy, liberty, and justice that have guided the United States since its inception.

While making these values a reality is an ongoing struggle — and as the Black Lives Matter movement has shown, we still have a long way to go — Independence Day is a time to rededicate ourselves to perfecting our union.

It’s also a time to join together in common cause, because the only way to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, save our cratering economy, and stop systemic racism is through solidarity. We reject division, bigotry, demagoguery and hate. We embrace unity, tolerance, and appeals to the better angels of our nature, as Abraham Lincoln put it. We are one nation and the only way to get through this is by acting like it.

Every proud OPCMIA member is a craftsperson and a builder. We are here to rebuild our nation, our society, and our democracy. That’s what this July 4th is all about.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President