General President Daniel Stepano

On behalf of the OPCMIA General Executive Board, I want to wish every member and their families a healthy, happy and fulfilling New Year.

While we enter 2022 on a challenging note, with the omicron variant causing a new surge of COVID-19, we also have much to look forward to. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law signed by President Biden on November 15, 2021 invests $110 billion in rebuilding 173,000 miles of roads and 45,000 bridges, and even more in other urgently-needed construction and maintenance projects. This means new, long-term opportunities for good work for our members — more than we have seen in many years, if not decades!

We also have pro-worker officials in place in the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Labor Relations Board and throughout the federal government who are working uphold our rights, protect our health and enforce the law.

So 2022 offers many promises of good news for our members. But it also requires vigilance — first and foremost against COVID. Any members who are still unvaccinated should get your shots now. Members who are vaccinated should get your boosters if you haven’t done so already. Make sure your employers are following proper COVID protocols with masks, social distancing and regular testing, and if they’re not, tell your business agent immediately. I know it’s tiresome and frustrating, but if we all do our parts — together — we’ll get through this wave, too.

We should also be vigilant in pushing for the Build Back Better Act, which will do more to improve the lives of working families and rebuild America’s middle class than any bill in at least a generation. Together, we have the power to overcome recent setbacks and increase the heat on those not yet on board with this urgently-needed, transformative legislation that will literally put money in many members’ pockets, lower child care and health care costs, and strengthen the right to organize.

I want to thank every OPCMIA member for staying strong and for supporting one another throughout 2021, and I urge you to continue your indomitable spirit into the New Year.

Above all, I hope that 2022 provides you with an abundance of work, good health, and the joys of family.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President