All of us owe our freedom to the brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. From the very founding of our nation through today, we are forever in debt to those who gave their lives so that our democracy could live on.

That’s why, for the OPCMIA, Memorial Day is about far more than barbecues and family gatherings and trips to the beach. It’s about honoring the legacy of our heroes, many of whom were our brothers and sisters. It’s about paying tribute to the courageous members of our Armed Forces who serve today. And it’s about recommitting ourselves to doing everything in our power to help our veterans succeed in civilian life by joining our union and finding fulfilling careers in our crafts.

The OPCMIA has a proud tradition of service. Many of our members are in the Armed Services now and many served in the past. We owe all of them our gratitude and our support. And on this Memorial Day, we pay tribute to their patriotism and sacrifice.

On behalf of myself and the OPCMIA General Executive Board, we wish all our members and their families a happy and reflective Memorial Day.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President