General President Daniel Stepano

On Veterans Day 2019, the OPCMIA salutes our members — and all Americans and Canadians — who have served in our armed forces.

Veterans deserve the thanks of two grateful nations for their sacrifice and service to preserve our security and our freedom. But they deserve far more than our words — they deserve our deeds.

That’s why the OPCMIA is a proud partner in the Helmets to Hardhats program, connecting National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active military service members with skilled training and quality career opportunities in our crafts.

That’s also why the OPCMIA strongly supports efforts by our AFGE brothers and sisters working at the VA in their fight to fill the roughly 50,000 vacancies plaguing the system and to stop efforts to privatize the VA and undermine the world class health care to which our veterans are entitled.

Let’s resolve today not just to praise our veterans, but to support and empower them!

Daniel E. Stepano
General President