Labor Day 2019: Fighting Back for Our Future

General President Daniel Stepano

This Labor Day finds your OPCMIA moving forward aggressively to stay ahead of the change curve, fighting back against the attacks coming in our direction, and working tenaciously to create our own bright future.

We just completed our historic 52nd General Convention, in which delegates enthusiastically embraced our agenda to strengthen our training, expand our market share, maximize our political clout, empower our members to greater activism, and integrate all of our operations into one seamless whole.

We know the direction we must take, and now we must go full speed ahead, united in unbreakable solidarity.

At the same time, we must keep mobilizing to stop the Trump Administration’s contemptible assault on our world-class apprenticeship programs. Its scheme to allow substandard, dangerous “IRAPs” would send training on a race to the bottom, threaten the survival of our apprenticeships, and make our workplaces more dangerous.

Similarly, we must keep mobilizing to stop the Trump National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from rigging the system even further in management’s favor, as evidenced by a proposed a new rule that would make it harder for workers to join unions and easier for management to win representation elections or decertify existing unions.

Simply put, it’s time to stand up and fight for what’s right and create our own future. It’s also a time to celebrate what our union in particular and the labor movement in general have done for you and for all of America’s working families — everything from the 40-hour work week to paid vacation days, from health and safety to retirement security.

We are continuing in the footsteps of those who came before us and standing on the shoulders of those who left us a great legacy. Let’s all pay it forward for posterity — for the next generation of union craftworkers in our wonderful trades.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President