OPCMIA Urges Patience as All Votes Are Counted

General President Daniel Stepano

As many election experts predicted, we do not yet know the winner of the presidential campaign, and of many races for the Senate, House, and state and local offices. The COVID-19 pandemic required unprecedented use of mail and early voting, and counting those votes takes time. What’s critical now is to ensure that all Election Boards count all the votes without interference from partisan politicians and jurists so that the will of the people prevails — however long it takes.

Any efforts to stop vote counting and disenfranchise millions of Americans is downright un-American, and we deplore all attempts to wage an unprecedented, irreparable assault on our democracy. Their lies must be refuted, their incitement of foment civil unrest and violence must be condemned, and their legal chicanery must be struck down.

At this difficult time, we urge calm. We urge patience. What matters is not the speed of the results but their accuracy. Every eligible American has the right to vote, and every American who votes has the right to have their ballot counted. These rights are sacred and they must not be tampered with.

When the complete results are finally known, we will accept them and work with the victors, and we urge all our fellow Americans to do the same.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President