OPCMIA Launches Political Action Web Page

To ensure you are informed about the key issues affecting your lives, mobilized to action when necessary, and empowered to make your voice heard in the legislative and political process, the OPCMIA has launched a new political action web page – the Action Center.

In the Action Center you’ll find:

  • How to take action on issues important to OPCMIA members and the labor movement.
  • Important voting resources, including how to register to vote, find your polling place and learn about where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to you.
  • How to keep track of legislation in Congress and in your state and how your representatives voted.

At all times — but especially in these days when the Coronavirus pandemic is upending our lives — it couldn’t be more important that OPCMIA members act together in the political arena to protect our jobs, our health and our rights, and advance our interests. The OPCMIA Action Center gives you the tools to do exactly that. Our union gives all of us the power to shape our destiny.