Vote! Your Life and Livelihood Depends on It

General President Daniel Stepano

Tomorrow is Election Day. If you’ve already voted, thank you. If not, please make a plan to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd and schedule the time to wait in line and cast your ballot. Click here to find out your registration status, where your polling place is, and what hours the polls are open in your state.

Your vote is your power. Use it and you can help decide who leads our nation and what direction it takes. If you don’t use it, you give away that power and let others decide for you.

And everything rides on the outcome of this election, not only for President, but for the Senate, House, and state and local offices:

  • Will our nation take the steps needed to tame the COVID-19 pandemic, save people’s lives, and get our economy on track, or will we throw up our hands and give up?
  • Will America actually invest the money needed to revitalize our crumbling infrastructure and create good jobs in our crafts, or will this remain a broken promise?
  • Will our government defend and strengthen workers’ rights and workplace safety, or will we be ruled by anti-worker ideologues and pro-big business hacks?
  • Will our health care coverage be protected and preexisting conditions covered, or will 20 million of our fellow citizens lose their health insurance?
  • Will our democracy be revitalized and the rule of law restored, or will our nation become more like Russia and Hungary, autocracies ruled by a single dictator?

You get to decide the answer to these questions through your vote. Please exercise it. Please act for your health, your livelihood, and your family’s future.

Thank you.

Daniel E. Stepano
General President